Livre d'images sans images
En lys sommers usigelige smerte
Suppose a Room
Penelope sleeps
It could be that the saddest thing
     is not knowing that one is sad
Music For Lectures/ Every word
     was once an animal
I canít quite place it
We to be
No Title
Time has fallen asleep in
     the afternoon sunshine
every now and then
or else nobody will know
Time will show (detail)
Private collection
Faits divers
coffee & cigarette
Artist in Residence
The way/ you move
Light Shade Shade
Livre díimages sans images (LP)
one continuous line or a thought
     that dissolves into the distance
Not Not Nothing
Time has fallen asleep in
     the afternoon sunshine
Afternoon Editions
Objects 2002 - 2015
We to be
every now and then
Time will show (detail)
Varamo Press

Afternoon Editions

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Afternoon Editions is a series of commissioned texts that extends from the project Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine. They are published in a stapled and easy to produce format. Afternoon Editions is dedicated to sharing content in various forms, related to books, memory, reading, writing and publishing. It is about circulation and exchange of ideas.

Afternoon Editions no. 0: List of books in the library of Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine. The list consists of books that have been leart by heart within the project (by heart library), an incomplete list of books that were considered to be leart by heart, that played an important role in the process of choice, or that have been considered to be learnt by heart in the future (shadow library), a growing collection of literature, publications, essays, films, ephemera relating to interests within the project (reference library). Edition last updated May 2020.

Afternoon Editions no. 1: an essay by Jeroen Peeters titled Reseeding the library, gleaning readership. In May 2017, Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine settled during three weeks in the Ravenstein Gallery in Brussels as part of the Kunstenfestivaldesarts. Invited as a writer in residence, Jeroen Peeters visited the library of living books on a daily basis and recorded his observations by hand in a notebook, which formed the basis for Afternoon Edition no. 1. Reseeding the library, gleaning readership is an essay on the seed library, on the dispersion of literature through wind, water and animals, on biodiversity and commoning at the heart of readership. On the cover a drawing by Wouter Krokaert of a Philodendron Xanadu. Published May 2018.

Afternoon Editions no. 2: text and drawings by Chrysa Parkinson titled Weaknesses. Between January and March 2019 Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine was presented as a solo-exhibition at Index Foundation in Stockholm. During this period Chrysa Parkinson was invited as a guest writer for Afternoon Editions. Weaknesses is a leap in memory. Published July 2020.

Afternoon Editions no. 5: a collection of found papers annotated by Jeroen Peeters, titled Bookmarks of sorts. During several years Jeroen Peeters collected notes left by readers in library books: faded reader tickets, scraps with notes, a shopping list, train tickets and other little papers used as bookmarks. He noted each time the date and the book in which they were found. Afterwards he wrote commentaries to this collection, an essay on alternative reading practices, marginalia and extra-illustration, on the exchange between readers and the imaginary community lingering in all those library books. Published in 2021.