Penelope sleeps
It could be that the saddest thing
     is not knowing that one is sad
Music For Lectures/ Every word
     was once an animal
I can’t quite place it
We to be
No Title
Time has fallen asleep in
     the afternoon sunshine
every now and then
or else nobody will know
Time will show (detail)
Private collection
Faits divers
coffee & cigarette
Artist in Residence
The way/ you move
Light Shade Shade
Not Not Nothing
Time has fallen asleep in
     the afternoon sunshine
Afternoon Editions
Objects 2002 - 2015
We to be
every now and then
Time will show (detail)

or else nobody will know (2007)

drawing by Heiko Gölzer

A main focus in my works till now is ‘there’ness and an emphasized interest in or attention to presence and the present. Although the pieces seem to contemplate emptiness and absence, this is only there as a consequence of the existence of something else. I want to draw attention to little things, to other things, to attentiveness as such. I am interested in how our perception works, to find different ways of expanding our perceptive fields. In this new work I include memory as a perceptive organ, where past events become part of an active construction of the present.

The piece is based on concepts of superimposition and repetition. Narratives are introduced as motifs. A repeated scene is the background for a continuous folding and unfolding of time and of space. The scene holds a number of details, actions, movements and relations, and the familiarity of the scene and the repetition is there to invite closer reading. I conceive time not as duration but as exposure, where things can appear, become visible, gain meanings and capacities. Through repetition the actions and relations are confronted with their realities and abilities to change or to remain. What does it mean ‘to do the same’? How does material reality respond to this attempt? What traces does it leave in our physicality? And, how can we be in the same space but in different times?

The reoccurrence of events addresses memory and uncertainty. Although recognizing that something has happened and perhaps has changed, it is questioned by the possibility that memory is deceptive. I wish to evoke and to activate our memory and imagination, and to enhance awareness in a playful way.

concept and direction: Mette Edvardsen
created and performed by: Philippe Beloul, Varinia Canto Vila, Mette Edvardsen, David Helbich and Kristine Øren
video/ research: Nele Keukelier
light: Jan Van Gijsel
production: Helga Duchamps/ duchamps vzw, Mette Edvardsen/ Athome
supported by: Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Norsk Kulturråd, Fond for Lyd og Bilde, Fond for Utøvende Kunstnere
co-produced by: Stuk (Leuven)
in collaboration with: Kaaitheater (Brussels), Nadine (Brussels), Vooruit (Gent) and Pact Zollverein (Essen)

Rådstua Teaterhus (Tromsø) 6 November 2008
Vooruit (Gent) 14, 15 November 2007
Black Box teater (Oslo) 24 October 2007
Kaaitheaterstudio’s (Brussels) 19, 20 October 2007
Stuk (Leuven) 10, 11 October 2007 – premiere

oenwk3 oenwk4
photos by Ilse Joliet