I can’t quite place it
We to be
No Title
Time has fallen asleep in
     the afternoon sunshine
every now and then
or else nobody will know
Time will show (detail)
Private collection
Faits divers
coffee & cigarette
Opening (the text)
The way/ you move
The Long Piece
Easy Pieces
Artist in Residence


Lecture/ work presentations
Private collection (2002)

drawing by Heiko Gölzer

In Private collection I enter the world of objects. Everyday objects and the human body are being handled in time and space, proposing a simultaneous subject/ objectification. I am interested in the nature of things, such as gravitation, weight, balance, stability, shape, and volume, and how we organise things which by classifying, collecting, and order relates the object in time and space. The sincerity of an object, and its chameleon like quality brings about transformation and disappearance. I try to explore my own capacities of presence/ absence and transformation, and expand the world of objects by entering inside.

created and performed by: Mette Edvardsen (2002)
artistic assistance: Philippe Beloul
production: Athome
supported by: Norsk Kulturråd, Fond for Lyd og Bilde, Norwegian Ministery of Foreign Affairs
with friendly support for P5 by: Stuk/ Leuven, Vooruit/ Gent and Podewil/ Berlin

Retrospektiv, Black Box Teater (Oslo) 1, 5 October 2015
Video dance, Thessaloniki Film Festival (Athens) 23 May 2007
Pursuit of Happiness! Kunst in Leidsche Rijn (Utrecht) 22 October 2005
In between, Kulturhus Århus, Svalegangen (Århus) 19 May 2005
Theatre now! Kiasma Theatre (Helsinki) 12 May 2005
Kaaitheaterstudio’s (Brussels) 4, 5, 6 November 2004
La Batie, Theatre du Grutli (Geneve) 2, 3 September 2004
Black Box Teater (Oslo) 27, 28, 29, 30 May 2004
Panacea, Dansens Hus (Stockholm) 19 March 2004
Living room, Raum, Xing (Bologna) 5 February 2004
Re:motion, TOU Scene (Stavanger) 16 October 2003
Meteor, BIT (Bergen) 14, 15 October 2003
CAPITALS, Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisboa) 17, 18 September 2003
Procesos coreograficos, La Casa Encendida (Madrid) 27, 29 June 2003
Messagesalon (Zurich) 13 October 2002
Nadine - Plateau (Brussels) 15 September 2002

photo by Ilse Joliet